Suzanne Dwyer, Executive Marketing Coach



A marketing coach or consultant works with business owners or managers to develop clientele and to recommend strategies and marketing or operational tools that will work to meet the company’s goals – usually to increase revenue, or for efficiency so the owners aren’t spending every waking minute on their business. Whether a company wants to generate more online sales, decrease its staff size, or reach a broader market segment, a marketing coach creates an action plan using precisely the strategies needed to achieve the actual goals.

Suzanne has been in the marketing field for the past 17 years and opened her marketing firm in 2007. She has worked with countless companies helping them grow and succeed. She now offers Marketing Coaching to help each individual company build a marketing structure that will produce the best results for their specific and unique business.  Suzanne will put together a very strategic but aggressive marketing plan that will set you apart from your competition as well as help you with implementation. Ensuring that we are focusing on your key demographic to gain the highest rate of exposure. Interested in working with Suzanne? Please fill out the application below and someone will be reaching out to you for an interview to see if you are a good fit for the program she offers, Thank you!

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